Welcome to day six and today is a special day! It’s the day I want you to get how Awesome you are. NO ONE else on earth can deliver what you do in the way you do it. NO ONE!

You started as a winner. In the very beginning, you beat out millions of other sperm and won. You wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t done that. You’ve just forgotten what you’re capable of accomplishing.

IN THAT is all the value and wealth in the world. When you see that, and it resonates deep within, you can and will achieve greatness. Someone out there needs your help to overcome their struggles right now. Who can you help today with your unique gifts and talents?

Let’s look at celebrities for a moment. The biggest and brightest let out their uniqueness and share it with the world. The rest of the world stands in wonder wishing they could be like them.

What celebrities know(in my opinion), is that their uniqueness has value. HUGE Value. You have that same amount of value. You just haven’t realized it yet. But today is the day you do!

What most people think is that they NEVER can BE That celebrity and therefore are LESS than or not worthy. The truth is that only you can be YOU, and they can only be them. You should let your greatness shine and stop comparing yourself to others. That’s what celebrities like Oprah, Brene Brown, and Lady Gaga have done. They know their unique value in the world and know it’s value.

Comparison Is The Thief Who Stole Your Confidence. Go Get it Back by Stop Comparing and Start Shining!

The sooner you realize YOU ARE THE GIFT and stand in that the sooner you will shine. Soon others will be asking You for advice!

Your story matched with your accomplishments & strengths is all you need.