Welcome to day five and today we are going to talk about going into the service of others.

WHEN YOU’RE NERVOUS GO INTO SERVICE. I want you to memorize that and put that next to the lists near your mirror.

I realized every time I felt less than confident I was thinking about myself and NOT others. I was thinking what can I get out of the situation or from the person instead of seeing how I can help.

I was caught up in the thoughts, “What are they going to think about me?” or “What will they say about me?” Who’s that about? It was about me, myself, and I. It was all about me…me me me.

If you let other opinions about you rule you, you will always be a servant of others opinions.

Here was my big pivot to confidence. When I realized if I think more about what it’s like to be in the other person’s shoes everything else gets easier.

Do something kind for two strangers and pay attention to how you feel through doing it. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Notice while you’re going through what thoughts you’re having and journal about them later. Are those about you or are those about the other person?

If a stranger is too much, do this with a family member or friend.

I want to share a relevant story where I turned something scary into a moment of service for another. This moment grew my confidence level 100 times.

I chased a thief down for a little rubber chicken and what happened will amaze you. To hear the rest watch it on youtube here. https://youtu.be/EgzmWgEQHOk

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