How does it feel to see your accomplishments listed right next to your strengths?

When I look at mine, it makes me feel great. That creates a natural, confident feeling in who I am.

In today’s exercise, we are going to go a little deeper. We are going to talk about shame in our life.

I’ve held on to many shames in my life, and that shame had a grip on me. I use to think… “What if they find out? What if they get to know me? Then they will know the ‘real’ me.” When I forgave myself, I was able to move past them.

Today I want you to release that shame. Give yourself permission to forgive you for what happened in your past. You were a different person then. Especially, if you were a child when those moments happened and my guess you still beat yourself up for it. I know I did. It’s time to let go.

Do this in private and journal about your experience after.

First, Write down all of the actions you have shame around. Give yourself the permission to forgive that person or yourself for those actions.

Now, on that paper write BOLDLY on top of it with the Words I FORGIVE YOU.

Visualize giving them a hug and saying I forgive you and I love you. Do this for each action

Let any tears or emotions flow. It’s normal.

Next, fold the piece of paper up and burn it. Take the ashes and let them go into the wind. Maybe plant them in the garden because now they will only help you to grow.

When you’re ready, I want you to read out loud your list of accomplishments and strengths to yourself. Over and Over.

Now, I want you to realize something.

You are NOT your shame.

Over the next few days reread your accomplishments and strengths list several times a day to yourself.

If you get stuck on this email, it’s ok, and that’s normal. If you’re stuck reply to this email and schedule a 15-minute breakthrough session. This will keep you moving forward. It’s free and part of my way of giving back.