Welcome to day two of the self-confidence building course.

Take some time to reflect on how listing out your accomplishments felt.

How did that feel? Journal about it.

My guess is, you probably felt better about yourself. If not, don’t worry it’s just the first piece of the puzzle. Confidence building takes time and perseverance.

Exercise Day 2

Your exercise for today is listing all of your strengths. Write everything you’re good at doing. Next, write down what others think you’re great at doing. Now, put that list next to the accomplishments list.

Are you starting to see a trend here…?

Reach out to several friends and ask them what they think your greatest strengths are. You might just be surprised.

If you are surprised, pay close attention to what they think you’re good at and what you had originally thought. Take those thoughts inside and reflect on them. IYour friends or colleagues can see something in you that you normally don’t see.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up for what we haven’t done or thought we haven’t done. I want you to see you and your talents matter.