Hi, I am Brad Finkeldei a life coach and I struggled with self-confidence most of my life. Not any longer, and through this e-course, I want to share my most valuable lessons and secrets to natural confidence that lasts. I want you to feel naturally confident all the time and take your life to new levels.

Over this course, I am going to give you the practical steps and secrets I used to transform into the confident person I am today. The emails will be to the point with no fluff because I know you have a busy life.

I’ll uncover several key techniques that are crucial to creating natural confidence. Building confidence takes time so give yourself patience and compassion during this course.

The key is to be consistent of doing these things every day. Not all my confidence was gained in one moment. It took time and effort. Some days I made huge strides and other days it didn’t feel like much, but I never gave up. That’s the key. If you don’t feel like doing the exercise, do it anyway and treat it like a long experiment.

During the course, you’ll have exercises to do. Each of the following days you will have an exercise to do. Once you do them let me know. Send me an email. I love hearing feedback on what’s going on in your life.

I don’t want you to wait until tomorrow to start. SOoooo, Let’s get going!

Day 1 Exercise.

Write down in a confidence journal where you’re at and how you feel right now about your confidence. Be honest with yourself. This will be your starting point to reference later. I love these Black and Red journals available on Amazon if you need one. https://amzn.com/B000JCPP9A

Write out a list of your accomplishments in life. Brainstorm everything you’ve accomplished. Take that list and put it on your bathroom mirror.

That’s it for day one. One of the key’s to confidence is reminding ourselves what we’ve accomplished in the past because it’s easy to forget once we step away from it. Keep those moments front and center in your life.