My creative portfolio of web, photography, and video work.

I’ve created websites, managed international photography projects, managed video production, and even flown drones through the mountains all to bring out the best for my clients.



The Yoga Project
I took on the challenge of creating something I thought was unique and different. I blended strong side lighting with strong poses by powerful people. Two sidelights were used with a black backdrop, then I used photoshop to crop out the lighting equipment and cropped to my style.

The Beard Project

I created this project out of an idea while living in Austin, TX.  I used a beauty dish, two side lights, and separated the background out.  Then I gathered some of the worlds bearded champions and had fun.

The Multi Single Dog Project

For this project what I envisioned was one shot where it showed the strength and speed of playting catch while showing the progression all at once in one image.  I set up the camera and took multiple shots and then layered them in photoshop to have the final image. Rest in peace Gabby! The best buddy ever!



A sampling of my video work from creative direction, story-telling, drone videography, and time-lapse videography.


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