Become The Hero of Your Own Life









The World Needs Your Gifts

In these times Heroes are in great demand.

Courage is in great demand.


To be the hero of your own life sends a message to the universe that you desire more than the status quo.

That you will not settle for mediocrity in any aspect of your life.

That you, as a man, deserve more than is currently being served up.

Come….dare to step into the fullness of your life.

Your life will never look the same again.

Your Journey Awaits

The Hero’s Journey Training is an

Incredible 8-week Process of Self-Discovery

to Reveal Your Greatest Gifts To The World.


The World Needs You.


The World Needs Your Gifts.

The Journey Begins in...








Starts January 24, 2017

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Become The Hero Of Your Life Training

What You Can Expect?

  • The Journey to Revealing your Greatest Gifts

  • Get in touch with Who you Really Are

  • Embrace all sides of being a man

  • Get in Touch with All Your Emotions

  • Find a Deep Sense of Purpose

  • Become More Present in Your Life

  • Discover Your Mission as a Man

    The Details

  • The training lasts 8 weeks

  • It happens virtually via video conference calls

  • Each week consists training and deep connection

  • A private facebook group for continuous support

  • Recorded calls

  • Leaders are very active in the group to answer any questions

  • Training led by Richard Arsic Men’s Coach

Starts January 24, 2017


$333 can

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About Men's Authenticity Network

Bringing about empowered authentic men in the world.
Richard Arsic

Richard Arsic

Men’s Coach, Vice Chair and Senior Men’s group facilitator of ManKind Project Canada, Assistant Course Leader and Coach of Reclaim Your Inner Throne, Intuitive Healer, and Shambala Reiki Master.  Richard’s depth of coaching has led him down a path where he specializes is helping men unlock their greatest gifts to the world.  He also leads virtual men’s circles empowering men all over the world.  Richard will be leading the “Become the Hero Of Your Own Life Training.”

Mission: He creates a world of awakened men through healing himself and sharing that journey with the world.

Brad Finkeldei

Brad Finkeldei, CLC

Certified Life Coach, Best-Selling Author of the Mindset shift, ManKind Project Initiated man and founder the Brad specializes in helping others find their inner confidence. Brad runs the behind the scenes of this website and business development of Mens Authenticity Network.

Mission: Empowering others through laughter and bringing authenticity to the world.