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Dream Job Success Program

  • Career Clarity Session
  • Custom Designed Resume
  • Complete LinkedIn Profile Update
  • 8-Week Career Success Course

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Career Clarity Program

  • Discover what’s stopping you
  • Get clear on what you want your career path to be
  • Create a plan based on that path
  • 3 powerful sessions that take you from stuck to having a vision and plan to get the job you want.

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Elevate Your Resume &

STAND Out From the Crowd

  • New updated resume & Linked Profile
  • Professionally written by certified resume writers
  • Designed by an award winning team
  • 45-minute call with certified resume writer
  • Career Clarity Coaching session

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Job Search Strategy & Planning

  • A pre coaching needs assessment
  • A 60-minute chat over zoom  or phone
  • A follow-up plan to help you succeed

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Interview Coaching

  • 75 minute coaching session.
  • Show up confidently
  • Feedback and follow-up action plan

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Resume Review

  • 30 minute review call
  • Feedback and follow-up action plan

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Brad is EXCELLENT! He reached out many times ahead of our call to determine my goals for the session and has continued to follow up with me and provide resources since. I would highly recommend Brad especially to those trying to find their passion, but really to anyone. He is incredibly motivational and gets to the core of what his client wants and provides clear and decisive steps on how to get them there!

David, 30

Brad is great at helping you identify obstacles and refocus on your strengths. He helped me develop an action plan based on where I need to expand my efforts, and how to be engaged, purposeful and goal-oriented. I highly recommend him for patience, enthusiasm and tailoring our approach specific to what I needed. Our session was particularly strong on finding new approaches to networking and outreach, locating and working my contacts, and finding creative ways to identify avenues for supportive feedback.

Vicki, 50

Brad’s approach was to take a holistic approach and he listened to everything I had to say carefully. His advice helped me reframe the way I needed to tell my career story to make an impact. I found his visualization methods to instill confidence very useful. On the phone, his voice is kind and positive and put me at ease quickly. When it came down to the mechanics of interviewing, he role-played the interviewer really well, gave feedback that was incisive and encouraging. Overall, a super positive experience and Brad’s is an outstanding mentor.

S, 46

Brad was a great listener, came from an authentic place in his advice, and provided a number of actionable exercises and pro tips for figuring out my next career move as well as long term career goals. If you’re thinking about investing in yourself, stop thinking and just do it. Brad will help guide the way.

Brittani, 26


I was stuck in a career too…

A little about me.


I felt stuck in a tech career I had become bored with and was too scared to leave because of the big paycheck. Then, I discovered coaching and had my first experience of being coached.  It was through that experience I found out I wasn’t confident and was trying to impress people with money instead of doing something I would really love.

I was too chicken to do what I love. That moment made me realize I needed to do something about it or else I would be stuck behind a computer for the rest of my life.  I wanted to travel and help others and that’s all I really knew.  

Over the past five years, I’ve become a career coach, traveled, and have been helping others step into their fears and do what they love. I’ve fallen in love with the process of helping others discover what they love and then helping them reach their goals.

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